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  • Chinese Dragon Boat Festival
    Chinese Dragon Boat Festival


    Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is also known as Duanwu Festival (端午节), which falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year. With a long history of over 2000 years, dating back to the Warring States Period (B.C 403 — B.C 221), Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most three important lunar festivals in China, along with Spring Festival and Mid-autumn Festival. For celebrating this festival, there is a three-day holiday in China since 2008. It is also the first traditional Chinese festival listed on the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritages. In 2017, Chinese Dragon Boat Festival falls on May 30, which is Tuesday.

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  • Visit Customer In 121st China Canton Fair
    Visit Customer In 121st China Canton Fair


    Visit Customer In 121st China Canton Fair Julia, Leslie, Vincent and Alex to the Canton Fair to visit customers, and Looking for some creative products.

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  • Nimuno Loops Lego Compatible Tape Create the kingdom of fairy tales
    Nimuno Loops Lego Compatible Tape Create the kingdom of fairy tales


    Lego Compatible Tape Building Blocks Nimuno Loops Flexible Nimuno Loops tape lets you build Lego on almost anything,Create your the kingdom of fairy tales Lego fans can now build outwards from walls, chair legs, household objects or the backs of other toys using a new studded tape. Nimuno Loops are flexible rubber strips with a reusable adhesive backing that can stick to any smooth surface. On their non-sticky side, they're covered in studs that fit into the holes on the bottom of Lego bricks. They are also compatible with some other building block systems, like Mega Bloks and Kreo. Because Nimuno Loops are flexible, they can be bent around all kinds of shapes. Lego homes, towns, spaceships and more abstract creations are built on top. The tape comes in rolls and can be cut to size using an ordinary pair of scissors.

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  • Company Overview
    Company Overview


    Our company XIAMEN Yueshi which is specialized in Kitchenware, Commodity ,Cleaning products ,Bathroom products, Garden furniture ,Ceramic resin Crafts & Gifts . All of our products are produced and checked by experienced workers, engineers and quality controllers. Which is willing to design and manufacture products with both standard and customized specifications. We have strict internal management systems and highly talented technicians who have rich working experience.

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  • Jobs and Career Opportunities
    Jobs and Career Opportunities


    Jobs and Career Opportunities We are always on the lookout for experienced professionals and fresh talent in the areas of sales and marketing as well as technical field application engineers. Opportunities with Xiamen Yueshi include employment as well as cooperation on a freelance basis. Please feel free to get in touch anytime – we look forward to hearing about your special skills, contacts and ideas!

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  • 2017 Spring Festival Holiday
    2017 Spring Festival Holiday


    NOTE: From January 27th to February 2nd, we will be on Spring Festival Holiday. And the worker in our factory will not work from Jan 24th to Feb 3rd. So we not delivery goods from Jan 24th to Feb 3rd. And from now on,the international express will become more and more crowded. Please noticed. Also hope you have a good Christmas Festival and New Year.

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