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  • Vegas Baby -- 15th Annual Gift Golf Towel

    Vegas Baby -- 15th Annual Gift Golf Towel

    The Vegas Baby Invitational Golf Tournament. This will be the 15th Annual trip to the Desert and the World’s Biggest Pro Am. The Vegas Baby  has ordered the Golf Towel as a 15th Annual Souvenir Gift .The microfiber waffle weave material is super absorbent and extremely effective at cleaning grips, grooves, and club heads. Keep one side of the towel dry for drying your hands and grips, and the other side damp for cleaning club heads and grooves. The waffle weave material doesn’t pick up loose debris that can attach to other fabrics.

  • Mercedes-Benz -- USB & Car Cleaning Towel

    Mercedes-Benz -- USB & Car Cleaning Towel

    Mercedes-Benz, Germany's century-old car brand, pioneer and leader of automotive civilization, is considered as one of the most successful high-end car brands, its culmination of the technical level, superb quality standards, innovation and innovation, as well as a series of classic sedan Sports car style commendable.

    The Mercedes-Benz has ordered the USB & Car Cleaning Towel as an promotional gift for Customers. Can be customized LOGO car keys U disk. Another 128MB / 256MB / 512MB / 1GB / 2GB / 4GB / 8GB / 16GB and other different sizes and styles for choose. All products can be presented as a gift, insert the U disk can automatically pop up your company's ad or web page features. More effective promotion effect.

    11003 Car Cleaning Towel

  • Barcelona Soccer Academy -- Towel

    Barcelona Soccer Academy -- Towel

    Our soccer Academy is a school that provides youth players a successful methodology that allow participants to reach their full potential in Barcelona.

    The Barcelona Soccer Academy has ordered the Towel as an institutional gift to students. Professionally woven fabric and fibers to produce a soft and comfortable feel.State of the art microfiber technology combines prime absorption with amplified drying properties.

    11026 Sport Towels

  • d3h Hotels -- Round Sand Beach Towel

    d3h Hotels -- Round Sand Beach Towel

    d3h Hotels is a Hotel Management Company that owns and operates multiple hotels across Western Canada. 

    The d3h Hotels has ordered the Round Sand Beach Towel as an business gift.We do OEM for many European and American brands, All patterns are very funny and eye-catching. Our store have about 50 patters, such as bohemian style, boho mandala style, geometric, hawaii palm, aztec, pineapple, peacock black and white, pizza, watermelon. Please click our brand name to find more patters.

    YSL-0112 Round Sand Beach Towel
  • West Ham United Football Club &  Futbol Club Barcelona -- Team Towel

    West Ham United Football Club & Futbol Club Barcelona -- Team Towel

    West Ham United Football Club, one of England's premier league teams, is a traditional English football club located in Newhawk, east of London. It was founded in 1895 and home to Upton Park. &  Futbol Club Barcelona, or Barca for short, is a football club in Barcelona, Spain, one of the traditional giants of the Spanish Football League.

    The West Ham United Football Club &  Futbol Club Barcelona has ordered the Towel as an Team towel gifts.This Sport towel is very light and small with the same dry power of a big towel. It is possible because the towel is maked with suede microfiber. This material is very soft and superabsorbent.

    11012 Football Club team towel

  • Bank of China -- Towel

    Bank of China -- Towel

    As the only bank in China that has been in business for more than 100 years, Bank of China is also the most diversified bank in China. It operates in Mainland China and 52 countries and regions. The Bank mainly manages commercial banking including corporate finance, personal finance and Financial market business. In 2016, Bank of China was re-selected as the global systemically important bank and became the only financial institution in the emerging market economy selected for six consecutive years.

    The Bank of China has ordered the Towel as an Advertising gifts. 100% machine washable, super-soft microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning, drying, dusting, and polishing within the home, garage, auto, office, and more.

    11028 Towel

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