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Bullet Shape Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones Ice Cubes Cooler Stone

Bullet Shape Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones 
Ice Cubes Cooler Stone Wine Beer Cooling Cube

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Bullet Shape Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones Ice Cubes Cooler Stone

Name:bullet ice cube
Materials:stainless steel
Microwave Ovens:no
Shape:irregular shape

-Stainless steel ice is a substitute for ice can be better than the ice to make wine become Icy new catering products.
-You can quickly make the wine Icy and do not dissolve in wine, the wine does not dilute the taste, do not change the wine structure. Stainless steel ice can be reused, simple and affordable.
-For iced whiskey, beer, Coke, Sprite, fruit juice and other drinks.
-304 food grade stainless steel ice, do not melt, recycling, durable iced, do not destroy the quality and taste of wine itself.

-Pre-cleaned and placed in the refrigerator freezer.
-3-6 hours after the removal into the freezing drink in the appropriate mixing or shaking.
-Clean after use into the refrigerator to be used next time.

Ice Effect
-Stainless steel ice itself does not have the cooling function, but will transfer the refrigerator air-conditioning to the drinks.
-Because it is filled with freezing liquid, freezing point of about 50 °C, so the ice storage capacity is the same volume of ordinary water ice system twice the role.
-On the actual use of the effect, with your ambient temperature, the number of drinks, the amount of ice to join the number of factors, if you do not achieve the desired freezing effect, you can put two, each person is not the same as the requirements of freezing drinks, so According to personal circumstances.

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