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  • Stainless Steel Water Feature

    Subject : Stainless Steel Water Feature with LED Light

    Stainless Steel Water Feature with LED Light
    This sleek and contemporary water feature is eye-catching and sure to become the main focal point of any home or garden. The water feature is constructed from high quality stainless steel and features an S-shaped vertical surface for the water to flow across. Its curves cause the water to change speed at different sections of its descent, which creates intriguing and attractive patterns. It also features an LED light strip to illuminate the feature in the dark, adding a mesmerising touch.
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  • Water feature

    Subject : Water feature Waterelement met LED Verlichting

    Water feature Waterelement met LED Verlichting
    Water fountain 1.73 m stainless steel and glass - halogen lighting This beautiful waterfall is an elegant and contemporary product that will bring the perfect finishing touch to your home, garden or office. Made of high quality stainless steel, it is made of a large glass plate in which the water flows, as well as two halogen lights that, with a magical effect, will illuminate the glass in the dark.
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    Subject : Delta Tall Planter

    Delta Tall Planter
    The Delta combines a contemporary triangular shape with the advanced technology of a Lechuza planter. Made from commercial quality polystyrene, this tall column planter is UV and shatter resistant. Available with the Delta is an optional drop-in plant liner and sub-irrigation system. The plant liner allows you to preplant your greenery and transport them to the Delta's permanant location. No more lifting of heavy, awkward planters. With the use of the sub-irrigation system, plant maintenance becomes child's play. Simply fill the water reservoir and enjoy your creation as the self-watering Delta supplies your plants and flowers with just the right amount of water to flourish for up to 12 weeks. The Delta's unique design and smart features make it a top choice for any interiorscaping plan.
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  • wall fountain

    Subject : Stainless steel wall fountain

    Stainless steel wall fountain
    Suitable as an indoor or outdoor water feature. The stainless steel water wall can be any size. The examples show a range of different sizes. Includes reservoir, pump and LED lights.
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  • wall fountain

    Subject : Stainless steel curved wall fountain

    Stainless steel curved wall fountain
    A long sweeping stainless steel waved cascade with a polished finish.Ideal for larger gardens this feature can also be used indoors with a suitable self contained base.Water is pumped to the top of this huge cascade and falls down the highly polished front of the feature creating a shimmering effect and into the base below. This water feature can also be mounted into a pebble pool.Due to the size of this item if installing outdoors you will need to make sure that the area is sheltered and not exposed to high winds.
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    Subject : Stainless steel Sphere fountain

    Stainless steel Sphere fountain
    Material:#304 & fibre glass shiny silver 1 x pump with 10M cable 1 x Led light 1 x transformer 1 bag of stone Remark:for indoor and outdoor weather proof of ball :2 years weather proof of polyresin base:6 monthes fountain size:45*45*52cm
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    Self-contained water feature Creates a stunning effect in any home, garden or office Pump and lights included 10m mains cable No additional reservoir required
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  • Terrace Square Planters

    Subject : Stainless Steel Terrace Square Planters

    Stainless Steel Terrace Square Planters
    Our outdoor stainless steel has an upgraded metal composition to better resist corrosion from the elements. It is domestically sourced and made from 80% recycled material. A brushed texture ensures wear marks will blend in over time. Our outdoor stainless steel will last a lifetime when cared for properly. Stainless steel requires more frequent care and maintenance when used near the ocean, chlorinated water or dense urban areas with higher concentrations of air pollutants; consider powder-coated finishes in these situations.
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  • stainless steel planter

    Subject : Stainless Steel Square Planter

    Stainless Steel Square Planter
    Brushed stainless steel, heavy duty planter, well suited for interior design as well as garden decor. Sharp, modern design with an easy-to-clean exterior and a waterproof lined interior.
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  • Stainless Steel Cylinder Planter
    Classic Stainless Steel Cylinder Planter with Metal Base
    Put your plants on a pedestal - literally - with the Classic Stainless Steel Cylinder Planter with Metal Base. This planter is available in a variety of sizes.
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  • Cylinder Planter

    Subject : Classic Stainless Steel Cylinder Planter

    Classic Stainless Steel Cylinder Planter
    Sure to beautifully showcase any plant, this Classic Stainless Steel Cylinder Planter is crafted of heavy-duty metal and has a water-tight seal. You'll love this clean, modern design.
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  • Cylinder Planter Hardwood Base
    Classic Stainless Steel Cylinder Planter with Hardwood Base
    Stainless steel planter and real hardwood base A beautiful combination of materials Choose from a variety of sizes
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