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Flower Tower Freestanding Vertical Gardening Planter

Freestanding Flower Tower Pot Planter Garden Lawn Patio

Set of 3 Flower Tower Freestanding

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Flower Tower Freestanding Vertical Gardening Planter

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Plant flower from the bottom to the top. The cool new Flower Tower is a freestanding vertical planter that lets you take your flower garden to new heights and save space as well.  Also I liked the look of the Impatient, but need sun plants. I have planted Vinca and it looks very much like Impatiens. Each tower planter holds up to 30 plants and features a unique internal watering tube with graduated sized holes at various heights that allow you to easily water from the top and not miss a single plant. An innovative and unique way to display your blooms around a patio, deck, balcony or pool. Great Idea for limited planting space.

Flower Tower freestanding vertical planterVertical Gardening Planter

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