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guzzle buddy wine glass

Turns a Wine Bottle Into a Wine Glass. A wine glass that lets you drink straight from the bottle.

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Guzzle buddy wine glass

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Guzzle Buddy It Turns Your Bottle of Wine Into Your Wine Glass,Drinking Wine Glass Of Wine Bar Tools Wine Stopper It Turns Bottle Of Wine Into Glasses

Material: Crystal
Capacity: 401-500ml
Style: Europe and America
Color: transparent
Weight: 90 grams
Size: 13.5cm*5.7cm*8cm

If you consider a bottle of wine to be a single serving, you don’t need to kid yourself with pouring individual glasses. 
Start drinking from the Guzzle Buddy, and enjoy your vino straight from the bottle while still looking classy… well, classy-ish.
The Guzzle Buddy is a short-stemmed wine glass without a base that screws directly into your favorite bottle. The wine flows through the stem, into the glass, and down your gullet. The silicone stopper affixed to the stem prevents wine from spilling out while you enjoy a small 750 ml glass.

Drinking wine straight from the bottle tends to look quite unsophisticated, plus you'll be missing out on the flavor and aroma enhancing that aeration provides. There's a solution. The cool new Guzzle Buddy turns any wine, beer, soda, or champagne bottle into an extra large glass that also aerates while you pour. Simply remove the cork or cap, screw it into the neck of the bottle, tilt, and drink. It features a built-in aerator, a 100% silicone sleeve to form a spill-proof seal, and is crafted from high quality borosilicate glass that is lead- and BPA-free. Best of all, one bottle is now basically only one glass and it makes a perfect gift for wine lovers.

The Guzzle Buddy is a wine glass that can attach directly to a wine bottle. The glass is made from high-quality borosilicate and is lead free. 

  • The wine glass can pass dishwasher, but need to be fixed in a position to prevent collision
  • This product is very suit to a cool gift.

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