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LED Bug Zapper Light Bulb Mosquito Killer Bulb

Wasp Bug Mosquito Flying Insects LED UV Lamp

Fit for Outdoor Porch Patio Back Yard Indoor House Rooms Garage Kitchen Barn

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LED Bug Zapper Light Bulb Mosquito Killer Bulb 

Product Description:

NEW AND IMPROVED: 9 Watt Bulb: Safest on The Market: This Bulb is exempt from recall.
New release light bulb attracts flying insects like a magnet! Wasps, moths, and other bugs are trapped and zapped

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Functions as both a standard light and a bug zapper. 2-in-1 bulb allows you to relax while it
takes care of the bugs! Works in any 110V light fixture

LONG LASTING: 40,000 hours of light and bug zapping. No need to replace frequently!

SAFE: No sprays or chemicals - all natural & safe for your entire family! Forget about smelly bug sprays, repellents, and
candles, pesky nets, and zapping wands, the Bugbulb is the hands off solution you’ve been looking for!

EASY TO USE: Easy to toggle between settings - just use the light switch! Bulb toggles between lighting and zapping
together and simply zapping with the flip of your light switch. 

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Subject : LED Bug Zapper Light Bulb Mosquito Killer Bulb

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