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Our story
With the life of getting better and better, people are increasingly pay attention to the quality of life, the design of the word life, in order to make life more colorful, creativity shows an important role, when the creative and design, life collide together , Making the present life more interesting.

Creative about the development of society, then the creative product design is "left and right" with our lives, making life rich and varied. They may be just a small product, but because of them, life also has a lot of convenience, fun, creativity.

Creative life, from the beginning of Source YS
We specialize in the rich creative daily necessities, creative kitchen utensils, creative ceramics, resin handicrafts and so on, enrich your life. The

2005.06.28 We set up the first company Xiamen GRINCH

2006.07.09 Our company started to set up a team and was ready to carry out international business.

2011.08.25 We signed a cooperation with Alibaba, as Alibaba members, the official conduct of international business.

2013.12.11 shareholders to achieve a unified sense of the company name changed its name to Source YS 

2014.4.1 We once again signed Alibaba contract to become Alibaba partners gold medal members

2015.6.4 Company address moved to NO.64 Tongan Park Xiamen City

2017.8.23 Companies continue to expand the network to promote channels, and Google's Chinese distributor to promote cooperation in business
NO.412 Tongan Park, Tongan district Xiamen City China)
Tel : 15959246428
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