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Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth

The 7x7 inch chainmail scrubber makes fast work of tough cleanup jobs on just about all pots and pans in the kitchen, including stainless steel, enameled cast iron, hard-anodized copper and glass.

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Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth

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Softmesh cleaner the cleaning fabric gently frees from hard crusts in burned pots and pans, baking sheets or grill grate. Mono-softmesh is indestructible, while flattering the stainless steel rings are surprisingly sensitive. In the decanting kettle or vase cleans softmesh with some water by simple twist and shake. In the dishwasher, softmesh cleaner is immediately ready for use again and is absolutely hygienic!

1. Made of premium grade 316L stainless steel that is rust proof, corrosion proof and chemical resistant
2. Cleans cast iron cookware without ruining the finish
3. Does not require soap or detergent - just warm water
4. Easy to use - just run your cast iron cookware under warm water and scrub
5. Easy to clean - add a bit of soap to the scrubber and roll it around in your hands 
6. Germ resistant,re-usable, dishwasher safe 

The cool new softmesh Cleaner is a reusable and hygienic stainless steel multi-purpose cleaning cloth reminiscent of a piece of miniature medieval chainmail designed to effectively scrub greasy grills and oven racks, wine stained decanters, cast iron, pots, pans, and more. All you need is a tough mess, water, this nearly indestructible cleaning cloth, and a little elbow grease to scrub it away quickly. It will never rust, never get moldy, and the dishwasher safe stainless steel links are even easy on your hands - no medieval gauntlet gloves required.

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