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V type stainless Steel 304 coffee filter with silicone handle

2 Cups 4 Cups V type stainless Steel 304 coffee filter
Espresso accessories with silicone handle
Reusable coffee dripper

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Product Detail

V type stainless Steel 304 coffee filter with silicone handle

Product Feature:

100% Brand new and high quality
Meterial: Stainless Steel 304
Capacity: 2Cups 4Cups
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Type: coffee dripper
Package included: 1pc coffee dripper and Silicone handle

How to use your Coffee Dripper
1.Place the rack over your coffee cup and place the filter cone into the rack.
2.Fill the filter cone with your desired amount of coffee granules. We suggest to use 2 tablespoons for a medium strength.
3.Pour the boiled water slowly and enenly in a circular motion into filter cone until all the granules are lightly soaked.
4.Wait 20 seconds for the water to infuse the granules.
5.Continue to slowly pour the water over the coffee granules.Allow time for the water to pass throuth the granules into your coffee cup.
6.Remove the coffee dripper from your mug and enjoy your freshly homebrewed coffee.
Brewing Tips
1.Add 2 tablespoons of coffee granules foa a medium strength large coffee. Add more granules to suit your taste.
2.The coarser the granules- the shorter the brew time.
3.Medium or fine coffee granules works best.
4.Experiment with different quantities of granules and water to create your perfect homebrewed coffee.
Cleaning Tips
1.Empty used coffee granules into compost bin.
2.Rinse filter cone with warm water, if there are stubborn stains use a soft cloth with soapy water.
3.If filter becomes clogged,use warm soapy water and a small brush to thoroughly dislodge blockages.
4.Filter cone is dishwasher safe.
5.Rack is not recommended to be cleaned in dishwasher - Hand wash only.

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